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About The Farm

Who We Are

Family-Owned Business Since 1995

Texas Hides is the premier supplier of 100% Genuine Cowhides. We are proud to offer a wide variety of cowhide rugs and hide products. We offer only the highest quality hide for our customers with our Texas Hides collection. One-of-a-kind and made from 100% genuine cowhide, our rugs and products are not only beautiful but durable, comfortable, and soft.

Aerial View of Farm
Cattle Farm


In the process of raising animals and growing crops, agricultural enterprises produce a large number of waste materials that are neither wanted nor useful. These materials have to go somewhere, and when they are irresponsibly disposed of they create problems for all concerned.

Traditional, old-fashioned farmers and Native Americans who believed in the idea of being good stewards of the earth practed this type of farming for centuries just as we practice today.

With zero waste farming, our farm uses everything that we produce – even the hide! This process ideally results in sending nothing to the landfill and sharply reduce the amount of waste our farm produces.

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